Jonathan Dobres


May 12 2024

x-men re-examined: enter magneto

The Master of Magnetism’s introduction is all smoke, no fire.

May 11 2024

x-men re-examined: night of the sentinels 1 & 2

The beloved ’90s X-Men show kicks off with style, petit. With style.

Feb 8 2024

of Oz the Wizard

The Wizard of Oz, in alphabetical order.

Nov 24 2023

Aug 11 2023

running the current python file in the vscode terminal

A useful custom keyboard shortcut if you want your VS Code workspace to feel a little more like RStudio.

Jan 8 2023

every zelda is the darkest zelda

A great video exploring the dark and light of the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Jun 26 2022

It is the arrogance of every age to believe that yesterday was calm.

Tom Peters, Wired 5.12, Dec 1997

Feb 7 2022

The solution of any problem is good only for that problem, but the method of working out the solution may have a lot to teach us.

Walter Dorwin Teague

Dec 27 2021

Remembering Professor David I. Mostofsky

A personal remembrance of a good man.

Sep 22 2019

shutter bugged

With the iPhone 11, Apple makes a change that permanently ruins its camera.

Nov 4 2018

Autumn at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Gorgeous autumn colors at one of New England’s historic sites.

Apr 1 2018

algorithmic art: random circle packing

Packing a canvas with non-overlapping circles is easy, until it isn’t. Herein, we learn the difference between an easy solution and a fast solution.

Feb 10 2018

compound inequalities in R

It’s surprisingly easy to create a set of custom comparison operators that mimic compound inequality formulas, which can potentially save you some typing and make your code more readable. Let’s have a look at the R features that make this possible.

Sep 7 2015

the pleasures and pitfalls of data visualization with maps

Maps make for some fun data visualizations, but should be used with care. Here I investigate several different ways of mapping and visualizing the same dataset.

Aug 17 2015

understanding ggplot: an example

In which we learn some of the inner secrets of Hadley Wickham’s venerable R package.

Dec 9 2014

the first 90%

So you want to be a data analyst, huh?

Jul 27 2014

the tardis top ten: human nature / the family of blood

In which we learn about the Time Lord’s true nature by way of the human being he might have been.

Jun 27 2014

the tardis top ten: vincent and the doctor

Doctor Who gets mushy as it attempts to answer the question, “Why art?”

Jun 16 2014

the tardis top ten: the end of the world

I invite the internet’s rage and kick off a personal Top Ten list of Doctor Who episodes with ‘The End of the World’.

May 16 2014

clear cache, then refresh

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he must tear his website down to its foundations and rebuild it from scratch. Fun!

Mar 13 2012

lcd scrub

A tool I created to help with monitor burn-in and other “stuck pixel” issues. Now with a twist ending!

Sep 22 2011

a quick note on smartphone data

A quick exercise in how to improve your data visualizations.

Jun 13 2011

how i learned to type: a personal timeline

The long and winding road of how I learned to type.

Jun 2 2011


What a quantum space hole does to your brain, and why it makes for a great game.

May 20 2011

all about the weathah

A semi-exhaustive look at Boston’s weather.

Mar 16 2011

probability for the common dungeon master

Did you know that “dice” and “data” share the same Latin root? You’ll learn a lot more than that after reading this post.

Mar 15 2011

the 3d wasteland

3D is nothing but the vast wasteland of 2011.

Jan 4 2011

child's play and a bit about data visualization

The prides and pitfalls of data visualization.

Dec 20 2010

classification images and perceptual learning

A Science-to-English explanation of my first-ever publication.

Oct 20 2010

the amazing thing

On how to communicate clearly, and the reason I do what I do.

Mar 4 2010

start your mornings with b. f. skinner

Skinner gets a bad rap these days, but there’s no denying that the man was on to something.

Feb 19 2010

keep calm and carry on

Buyer beware. Always check the typography.

Feb 16 2010

having two eyes is vastly overrated

You’d think posts about vision science would be less rare on this site, given that it’s my job.

Jan 25 2010

first-person tetris

An old game with a fresh twist.

Jan 19 2010

an acquired skill

Light the torches. Move the stick up and to the left to go in. Who says video games can’t teach you anything?

Jan 11 2010

child's play 2009: conclusion

In which my statistical prowess in confirmed, and hearts are warmed.

Dec 1 2009

a small thanksgiving miracle

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like swine flu, am I right, folks?

Jul 20 2009

the man who knew too much

Alan Turing didn’t build machines because he was gay. He built them because he was Spock.

May 21 2009

mega man 9

Mega Man 9, like all great games, builds a complex experience out of a simple premise. Jump, shoot, die. Repeat until enlightenment is achieved.

Apr 21 2009

a marathon tale

A slice of the Boston Marathon, as told through Photoshop.

Mar 23 2009

make with the bubbles

Some new wallpapers.

Dec 3 2008

let's run

My annual attempt at fund raising.

Sep 17 2008


I bow to your superior comedic timing.

Jul 9 2008

the other man of steel

Ultimate X-Men, Colossus, Northstar, and the pros and cons of each.

Jul 8 2008

between the panels

My renewed obsession with the X-Men unleashes a torrent of buried memories.

Jul 7 2008

a wallpaper and the story of a boy and a turtle

The story of two tools for programmatically generated art, and where the two meet.

Nov 28 2007

the mighty mouse

The trials and tribulations of Apple’s Mighty Mouse

Nov 27 2007

beating the game

On the difference between fantasy fulfillment and videogames.

Jul 6 2007

crazy science fridays: neutrality

Zeldman has some interesting thoughts on the neutral option often seen in opinion scales. Here’s my fifty cents.

Jul 5 2007

perceptual difficulties

Reclusive rocker Sly Stone in a recent, rare public appearance.

Jun 13 2007

remembrances of mr. wizard

Don Herbert, better known as TV’s Mr. Wizard, passed away yesterday at the age of 89.

Apr 30 2007


Murderball just might be the best documentary ever.

Apr 27 2007

amateur musings on information design

A brief summary of the Jabbour NYC subway map, and some thoughts on Boston.

Apr 16 2007

right when i think i'm out, they pull me back in

A visual announcement.

Feb 19 2007

the most special special effects

Some kids dreamed of being astronauts. Me? I wanted to work for Industrial Light and Magic.

Jan 3 2007

dear champagne colored sedan

A letter to an inanimate object.

Dec 19 2006

child's play

Sorry, no summary. Read it in full.

Sep 15 2006

itunes, cover flow, and nostalgia

iTunes adds a surprisingly powerful new feature to its already impressive arsenal of awesome tools.

Aug 28 2006

a quick trip to washington

A trip to Washington yields mediocre photos and lasting impressions.

May 17 2006

the receiving of monuments

In this episode, Jon receives a very special award.

Jan 7 2006

pattern matching


Jun 16 2003


An old Magic: the Gathering project is rediscovered.

Dec 18 2002

rise of the machines

Games you can play with the Internet.