Jonathan Dobres

Autumn at Mount Auburn Cemetery

If I have a Happy Place™, it takes the form of a forest at the height of autumn. I like to think of autumn as the time of year when all the trees stop pretending and show us who they really are. Last week I had the pleasure of overdosing on autumnal splendor with my friend, Paul. Together we went on a long walk through Cambridge’s Mount Auburn Cemetery. Dedicated in 1831, Mount Auburn was the United States’s first “garden cemetery”—meant to be a place of beauty and contemplation as much as it was (and still is) a burial site.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful autumn day at the height of foliage season, and it resulted in some pretty amazing photos. Facebook’s compression algorithms hit the tiny details in these particular photos really hard. So I took it upon myself to build a little gallery on my own humble site. Click any of the thumbnails for a bigger view, or hit the download button for the even larger originals.